Mike Church Interviews Tom Woods

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On his Sirius/XM satellite radio show, Mike talks the dangerous idea of nullification—dangerous to tyranny, that is—with Tom. Listen.

Writes Mike:

There seems to be a disconnect among “conservatives” between opposing Leviathan as a way of life, a responsibility of republican citizenship, and opposing Leviathan because a tyrant is at its helm. Tom Woods cuts through all these de facto apologies for Leviathan and walks you through an unassailable tour of the responsibility of the state governments as THE major player in the  ballyhooed “checks and balances” theory. In fact, Woods makes a case in print I and others [Bruce Fein] have made verbally that without a robust state opposition to Leviathan’s unconstitutional and thus illegal acts, federalism will perish and so will the Constitution along with it. In my interview, Tom lamented the lack of inclusion thus far on the major “conservative” Talk radio and TV Acts, but he shouldn’t fret the rest of the Talk Radio Mafia not embracing what is Kryptonite (states rights) to their Supermen (the national G.O.P. ). It is to be expected and shows the true nature of their opposition. Perhaps Tom could appear as the crazy “liberal” on a future episode of “Hannity”!?

8:03 pm on June 28, 2010