Michigan’s Anti-Smoking Extravaganza

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I don’t come across many folks who aren’t aware of the state of the state of Michigan. We beat y’all to the Depression by a long shot, and I’m sure we will outlast everyone, too. We are at the top of national lists in unemployment, business loss, population loss, loss of home values, and foreclosures/abandoned housing. The economy is entirely devastated here, and the state government is trying to come up with ways of stealing more from people in order to keep the welfare-redistribution scheme afloat. During the course of desperation, the heads of that racket known as state government actually believe they can prop up their ponzi scheme by taking from the productive workers who are lucky enough to be still working.

In a move to enhance the economic downturn in this great state of unemployment, Michigan’s legislature passed a smoking ban that goes into effect in a couple of weeks. Daily, I watch/listen to the news and follow the stories in the paper. Even the mainstream media has described this ban as an unorganized nightmare. Somehow, it has not yet been decided who will enforce the smoking ban β€” will it be the county/local health departments, the state, or? No one has a plan, and even then, no one, in this economy, has the manpower to pull off any level of enforcement. And so no one is stepping up to own the enforcement end of the ban. It’s become a daily dose of comedy.

A long-term consequence will be that government will have yet another reason to grow at the expense of the private sector. Enforcement agencies will have to grow in order to make sure that 85-year-old Vets aren’t smoking a cigar inside their own private VFW club.

As usual, those with political clout will escape the tyranny of the state’s laws. This bill was held up a long time while certain powerful political interests β€” Detroit’s gaming casinos β€” got their exemption. Once all the necessary political donations were made and the proper favors got paid, the bill became law. Business as usual.

7:11 pm on April 14, 2010