Michelle Obama Lied

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Surprise, surprise. Earlier, I posted this video of The Other Obama pleading for the Chicago Olympic games for the local regime in her hometown. While I caught on immediately to the typical phony, drama-queen political speech, I did not pay attention to the whole speech. Too boring. A reader, Sal, pointed out that she said (starting at about the 1:00 point) some of her best memories were “sitting on her father’s lap, cheering on Olga, Nadia, and Carl Lewis…..” Her speechwriter needs to do much better. Carl Lewis first competed in the Olympics in 1984 when Michelle was twenty years old. She was bouncing on her father’s lap? Nadia Comaneci competed in 1976, when Michelle was twelve, and Olga Korbut in 1972, when Michelle was eight years old.

12:16 pm on October 2, 2009