Michelle Bushman Trots Out the Oldies

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I’ve met her and liked her. But like many evangelicals, she is clueless about foreign policy, and thus feels compelled — by politics at least, and perhaps religious conviction as well — to follow the neocon line. If you repeat their two or three mantras, they will leave you alone (but you are repeatedly warned). If you don’t, you’d better have decades on the Foreign Affairs Committee like Ron Paul does, because they will be merciless.

So last night Michelle chimed in, vying to be the bellicose tigress among several paper tigers. Ahmadenijad is a “madman”  avowed or wild, take your pick — so we have to drop the big one now. $300 oil? Hey, so what! We’ll just make Obama open up that pipeline!

In 2004, Michelle was still working for the IRS, so she might have missed the original hit tune that she unconsciously hums — namely, George W. Bush’s dynamic, persuasive, and foresightful wrap-up to his interview with  Tim Russert on February 8, 2004:

“It’s essential that I explain this properly to the parents of those who lost their lives. Saddam Hussein was dangerous, and I’m not gonna leave him in power and trust a madman. He’s a dangerous man. He had the ability to make weapons at the very minimum.”

Right on, Michelle! You know how well it worked last time around. In the GOP establishment’s hot tub, it will always be Springtime for (another) Hitler.

8:52 am on December 16, 2011