Michael Young, Are You Listening?

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Warren Olney of To The Point is speaking with Israeli journalists from Maariv and Ha’artez, as well as Michael Young of the Daily Star in Lebanon. Oh, and Fuad Ajami. It’s the American media at its finest — rah! Israel versus rah rah! Israel — a lot of “bomb them now!” versus “maybe we should wait a bit to bomb them.” The entire gamut of elite, pro-America opinion from A to B.

After speaking to Young, who apparently was preparing to evacuate his home (and who claimed he did not have power, and thus had not heard Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrullah’s speech earlier today), Olney spoke to the Ma’ariv reporter, who claimed that Israel has both the ability and the political will to “bomb every home in Lebanon.” Michael Young might want to hurry.

The Maariv reporter — whose name I don’t remember, Johnathan Ariel, I think — also said that Israel has the power and ability to disarm Hizbullah. Oh, that’s funny. Another failed military operation is in the offing, one that promises something it cannot deliver. Only Hizbullah can disarm Hizbullah, and right now, the organization’s leaders have no inclination in that direction. This won’t end well for anyone, especially all of the people in the way who are going to suffer.

UPDATE: What was most intersting, and sadly most typical of elite American opinion reporting, is that Young/Ariel/Ajami and the Ha’aretz reporter all had different opinions on Hizbullah’s motivations — Olney asked each one of them what they thought the organization was trying to accomplish by capturing two Israeli sojers and setting this entire situation in motion.

But Onley did not have a Hizbullah spokesman on. And he did ask Hizbullah itself what it was hoping to accomplish. Funny, that.

1:48 pm on July 14, 2006