Michael Savage Reading Little Ol’ Me?

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Writes Dave Watson: “Amazing to see Michael Savage’s website linked to your article on ca.lp.org, ‘Republicans Don’t even Pretend anymore’. From a talk show host who denounces and ridicules Dr Ron Paul, applauds Lincoln regularly, and supports FDR’s WPA and internment of Japanese-Americans, that is astounding! May we see an end to the emperor worship in the next four years!”

This is quite fascinating. I’m sure under some of the sedition laws Savage has advocated since 9/11, I’d be an enemy of America. On the other hand, he has been getting slightly better in the last few weeks, putting aside his fluctuating between anti-Obama hysteria and support for national service. I remember back in the 1990s liking his show a lot. I wonder what he’ll be like over the next few years.

11:09 pm on November 10, 2008