Michael Munger Shut Out of North Carolina Debates

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True to the policies of the Remocrats and the Depublicans, Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Michael Munger has been shut out of the debates for the North Carolina governor’s race. That hardly comes as a surprise, but it serves as a reminder that modern politics is nothing more than a racket.

I remember six years ago when John Sophocleus was running for governor in Alabama as a Libertarian, and while he was aggressive in putting out his message, nonetheless the Remocrat and Depublican duopoly made sure that he never had a strong, statewide forum. It did not matter that Soph was the only candidate who actually made sense and who would have provided intelligent policies for that state.

One can only imagine how the debates would have gone in Alabama had someone as articulate and passionate as Soph could have enjoyed a public forum that would have driven Bob Riley and Don Siegelman to run for cover. Likewise, Mike Munger would run circles around his Remocrat and Depublican opponents in a debate, which is why they are making sure he does not have a voice.

Michael is department chair of the Political Science Department at Duke University, and he was on the right side in the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case two years ago. He had a serious issue which kept him from speaking out, however. A visiting professor in that department, Kim Curtis (who no longer is at Duke) was accused by a couple of lacrosse players of grade retaliation, which is one of the worst things a teacher in higher education can do.

Curtis was a signee of the infamous “We’re Listening” ad (signed by 88 faculty members and supporters at Duke), and had jumped into the fray feet-first in her eagerness to condemn “white male privilege” and those “rapists” on the lacrosse team. After she failed at least one lacrosse player, that player sued her and Duke settled for a grade of “P” and a fairly handsome financial payment.

As department chair, Munger had to be silent on the issue, which is what a professional in that situation had to be. Michael Munger is one of the Good Guys in our business, and I hope that people in North Carolina will support his candidacy.

9:27 am on June 21, 2008