Michael Jackson, RIP

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Michael Jackson, the greatest pop music artist of the 1980’s, has died. True, he didn’t really produce much music of interest since the early nineties, but he certainly produced more great music before age 35 than most people produce in a lifetime.

His later life was filled with all those scandals. I don’t know if he was a child molester or not, but I’m less inclined to believe a government prosecutor than I am most private citizens. Besides, only fools send their children to spend the night at some bachelor’s isolated mansion, so Jackson was certainly never a threat to my family one way or another. I wish I could say the same for the government hacks and tax collectors who hounded Jackson for most of his later life.

Regardless of all that, anyone who grew up in the eighties like myself remembers the Thriller album as some kind of major event. The Thriller video/short film certainly traumatized me for a long time. And everyone knows that the thriller dance is a party starter.

6:53 pm on June 25, 2009