Michael E. Kreca

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LewRockwell.com is the world’s premier website for penetrating commentary and analysis on all subjects political and economic. For over a dozen years as both daily reader (and later as LRC columnist) I have witnessed the incredible outpouring of thousands of articles and blogs by this top tier of talented writers which is second to none. Their names are legendary and their body of work will be memorialized for all time.  I would like to introduce newer LRC readers to one of the authors to whom I believe stood out for his bold originality and breathe of insight. That is the late Michael E. Kreca, who was tragically (and mysteriously) struck down by the bullets of a government cop. Kreca was Sui generis. He brilliantly tackled and wrote about important subjects no one ever touched upon in quite the same way. Michael never failed to illuminate or educate his readership. Three LRC articles in particular I want to single out which illustrate his expository genius and depth of scholarly research: “How the US Government Created the ‘Drug Problem’ in the USA,” “Who Really Won World War II?” and “International Intelligence Organizations and State-Sponsored Terrorism.”

12:58 pm on June 24, 2013