Mica the Moron Plays Us for Imbeciles

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Rep[ulsive] John “The Toupee” Mica (R-FL) is out there again, prattling about “privatizing” the “security” at airports. By that he means the TSA should “supervise” checkpoints, not staff them, while “private” companies supply the personnel.

You’ll never hear The Toupee nor the media’s lapdogs admit that this was precisely the arrangement that prevailed on 9/11, except that the FAA rather than the TSA was supervising — and minutely: It dictated everything “private” screeners did, from what items they confiscated to how they “wanded” passengers. The FAA’s incompetence and utter ignorance about protecting aviation is one of the main reasons 3,000 people died that day. Meanwhile, the TSA, which The Toupee oftens brags about having foisted on us, and the ca. $55 billion of our taxes it has squandered in the last decade have been a complete waste.

No matter: The Toupee continues hyping “privatization,” and passengers desperate for relief from the TSA’s atrocities cheer. But there won’t be a particle of difference since the Thieves and Sexual Assailants will still dictate the “protocols”: Some goon will still have his hands down our britches, even if the patch on his sleeve says “Acme” instead of “TSA.”

Don’t believe me? Here’s an article about a guy who lost his cell phone at San Francisco’s airport — one of 16 in the nation currently operating under the “privatization” The Toupee champions. When Mr. Cell Phone asked to file a report on the loss in case his property turned up, the allegedly “private” supervisor ordered the checkpoint’s allegedly “private” goons to search him all over again.

Tell me that isn’t classic, TSA-style abuse.

8:39 pm on March 17, 2012