Metadata Reveals All

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No doubt everyone realizes by now that the NSA lies every time its snout opens, just as do congresscriminals and Obummer. Nothing the agency or its defenders say or even imply is true.

Case in point: metadata. The Liar-in-Chief and his accomplices in the House and Senate often reassure us that the NSA isn’t eavesdropping on our calls or reading our emails, no, no, no. It’s simply collecting innocuous metadata. Who could possibly object, especially when knowing who we call, how long we chat and what time of day we did will help DC’s official terrorists defeat free-lance ones?

Jonathan Mayer, a “graduate fellow” at Stanford University demolishes that malarkey in one magnificent experiment. Read how easily he was able to learn embarrassingly personal facts from metadata.

12:37 pm on March 14, 2014