Menendez and Company Are Divorced From Reality

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When U.S. senators start constructing fantasy realities that can only be the basis for policies harmful to Americans, it is necessary to point out the fallacies in their statements. Menendez, Rogers, Graham and McCain all are saying that the U.S. should supply arms and more to Kiev. McCain said “Give them the weapons they need. Give them the wherewithal they need. Give them the ability to fight.” Menendez said “Ukraine should be given defensive weapons so that it can ultimately defend itself from the Russian aggression that it is facing.”

These delusional men act as if Ukraine has had no weapons, no army, no artillery, no armored personnel carriers, and no rockets. They act as if Kiev didn’t launch a major offensive against the east and force a withdrawal of separatists from some areas. They act as if Kiev’s forces didn’t greatly outnumber the separatist forces. But look back a mere 2 to 4 weeks and it is crystal clear that Kiev seemed to be winning. Look at Wikipedia to find an account of Kiev’s substantial forces and weapons that it has had at its disposal. On July 28, 2014, the Financial Times reported “…the pro-Russia separatists are sliding toward a battlefield defeat.” Also: “A month-long counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army has pushed rebel forces back into urban centres in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and is reaching crunch point.” Also: “Bolstered by intelligence and advice from western powers, the army pushed rebels out of the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk after brief but violent sieges, forcing separatists to abandon tanks and artillery in a hasty retreat south.”

By mid-August, the supposedly defenseless and unarmed Ukrainians, aided by U.S. advice, intelligence, special agents and mercenaries, seemed poised for a victory that has not happened. In addition, the Novorussiya military reports that came out in August show that the picture being painted by these senators is completely false. See, for example, the August 15 report. It will become clear that Kiev’s tactics failed and that it exhausted its military strength even while the separatists began to out-maneuver Kiev’s forces and take the initiative. This began as early as August 11.

These senators are making an emotional appeal based on the false idea that the Russian military has invaded poor little Ukraine and that there is not a fair fight going on, or that Kiev has been defenseless. This is all a bunch of lies. These senators are a disgrace.

5:02 pm on September 2, 2014