Men in Government Cages

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Writes Ryan Rickard:

I continue to find in LRC a seemingly endless supply of wisdom and information.  Your post today quoting from a Jack Miles article really hit home.  I spent 26 months in a California State Prison for what equates to a victim-less crime. (In the spirit of candor I have no problem sharing the details with you should you desire them.)  It forced me to be a libertarian as I looked around at my fellow inmates (most of which were also there for victim-less crimes) and my heart broke.  California was spending over 40k a year to house and feed us…all the while there was NO outrage by the Christian community!  The gospel would promote a system of restitution, NOT retribution, especially for  “crimes” the state makes up.  Locking a grown man in a box, treating him like an animal, then mocking him when he acts like an animal is sick, wrong, and evil.  Thank you, sir, for shining a light at what too few really want to look at.

From our previous dialogue, you may remember that my goal in this life is to help the evangelical community recognize that a true Judeo-Christian ethic most closely resembles libertarianism, not the George Bush warmongering neo-conservativism.  Thanks for introducing me to Dr. Vance; he sent me a copy of his book Christianity and War.

2:36 pm on December 15, 2010