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Recall that the TSA has hogged the headlines this week for brutalizing not one but two little girls, the second of whom suffers from cerebral palsy. Its thugs strip-search grandmothers, force crippled, four-year-old boys to walk without their leg-braces, and humiliate passengers recovering from cancer.

Nonetheless, it is passengers’ exceedingly rare and ineffectual attempts at self-defense from these atrocities worrying that “man of ‘utmost integrity,’” John “The Pervert” Pistole. In the memo below, he gloats over the agency’s courtroom conquering of two valiant victims:

 From: TSABroadcast

Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:30 PM

Subject: 100 – Assaults Against TSOs

Date:   April 26, 2012

To:      All TSA Employees

From: John S. Pistole


Subject:  100 – Assaults Against TSOs

Last year, TSOs in Phoenix and Miami were assaulted by passengers. The court cases have concluded and I wanted to let you know that both cases ended in guilty pleas by the passengers.

In July 2011, a passenger flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport argued with our Officers, refused screening and groped the female Supervisor. [He’s referring to the heroic Yukari Miyamae.] The 61-year-old woman was charged by local law enforcement. Last week she pleaded guilty to two charges – assault and disorderly conduct.

The woman entered into a plea agreement stipulating that she would enter into a state court-appointed counseling program and was served with an injunction prohibiting her from having any contact with the STSO personally or professionally.

The judge admonished the woman for “irresponsible conduct and lack of respect for the people who keep us safe.”;

The other incident occurred in Miami in December when a female passenger alarmed the AIT and pushed the female Officer explaining the pat down procedure. The push was so forceful that the Officer stumbled backwards. [The Man of Utmost Integrity has twisted the facts here so much I have no idea what story he’s referencing. Sorry.] The Supervisor quickly intervened and Miami law enforcement responded and charged the passenger. After TSA provided clear video evidence of the assault, the woman changed her plea to guilty and had to pay fines and court costs. More importantly, she issued a formal apology to the Officer that was assaulted.

TSA leadership at the local and national levels will always provide our employees our full support and resources whenever you are conducting your job with professionalism, integrity and hard work.

I would like to thank our Chief Counsel’s office for their ongoing efforts to defend our employees and also express my appreciation to the Officers who were assaulted while performing their security duties with professionalism and integrity.

Thank you for your service to TSA and the American people.

“Service.” Hmmm. So that’s what they call it. At Nuremberg, they dubbed such evil “war crimes.”

4:21 am on April 28, 2012