Mea Culpa on Kilts and the TSA

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Folks, I pride myself on knowing everything there is to know about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)—repulsive, depressing, and horrific as this specialty may be. If it’s out there, Your Intrepid Reporter finds it and writes about it.

So with deep shame, I confess that I have failed when it comes to the TSA and kilts. Yep, you know: Scottish skirts. Donned by men who, as Boswell observed, “eat oats, a dish that, in England, is fit only for horses.” Donned au naturel too: apparently, many guys wear kilts just the way proud Scots did centuries ago (hint: before Fruit of the Loom).

Though this is the first I’ve heard of it, these gents have wielded their sartorial splendor as a weapon against the TSA for a while now. Need I add this is not a tactic for the faint of heart? No wonder such warriors munch horse-feed every morning.

11:43 am on December 9, 2010