McCain’s Next Move–Leftwards?

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Former Senator Rick Santorum never liked McCain, and, apparently, still doesn’t trust him.

McCain had nothing but disdain (dare I say contempt?) for Ron Paul, who has been proven right on the financial meltdown and so much more. And Santorum’s latest insight leads me to believe that McCain doesn’t like the Republicans who (in his view) abandoned him, either (he is undoubtedly miffed that Sarah Palin was his Energizer Bunny long after he had run out of steam–and money.)

Like Bush, McCain is interested in his own legacy–and he doesn’t like being a loser. Would it be out of character for him to “cross over” with “bipartisan spirit” and become the dependable 60th vote the Democrats need to break any GOP filibusters?

Justice Kennedy loves being the swing vote on the Supreme Court; wouldn’t McCain enjoy the limelight (oh so graciously provided by the usual media suspects) that would follow his “statesmanlike” maneuvers?

11:41 am on January 15, 2009