McCain’s Funny (sic) Idea of Fiscal Responsibility

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Ha, ha, ha. So Hillary is so out of touch she’d actually waste a million dollars on a Woodstock museum.

I’d rather have a million-dollar Woodstock museum than a trillion-dollar war. Heck, in libertarian terms, I’d rather have a million million-dollar Woodstock museums than a trillion-dollar war. It’d cost the same in dollars but it would involve much less mass slaughter, destruction and provoking of international hatred.*

So the Republicans’ idea of fiscal responsibility is eschewing mere one-million-dollar throwaway programs (and relatively benign ones, at that), while defending murderous programs that literally cost a million times as much. McCain’s sense of fiscal discipline is about as weak as his sense of humor.

*Of course, as a libertarian, I believe all “cultural and pharmaceutical events,” as McCain puts it, should and would be privately funded. (Funny that Republicans have little problem massively subsidizing culture and pharmaceuticals of which they approve.) Indeed, as someone remarked in critiquing Ayn Rand’s attack on Woodstock and championing of the Moon Landing, it was the former, not the latter, that was sustained in the private sector.

5:35 pm on October 25, 2007