McCain’s advantage evaporates

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McCain was coasting to victory just a couple of weeks ago, but after the financial panic began, his momentum came to a screeching halt. His fortunes have reversed in Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Ohio. According to Rasmussen (which tends to overstate Republican support), he now has an 8 point lead in Iowa and a statistically significant lead in North Carolina of all places. McCain can now forget about winning New Mexico.

In spite of all the “maverick” BS that the media dutifully repeats, polls show that McCain is still seen largely as a Friend of Bush. This didn’t hurt that much a few weeks ago, but now that McCain is associated with the Bailout for Billionaires push by this administration, nothing short of a new war can save him now.

So naturally, I expect a war with Iran, Pakistan, or Russia any day now.

1:06 pm on September 28, 2008