McCain Signals Desperation

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First it was McCain’s chief foreign policy adviser, former Chalabi flak Randy Scheunemann. McCain should have immediately called him on the carpet, Phil Gramm style — maybe even fired him.

Now McCain himself picks up the tarnished tactic and flails at Obama: “”I had the courage and the judgment to say that I would rather lose a political campaign than lose a war,” John McCain said during a Rochester, N.H., town meeting on July 22. “It seems to me that Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign.”

McCain is living in the past in more ways than one. He has surrounded himself with neocons when most neocons have bitterly admitted defeat, each one blaming everyone else but himself as they all fade into oblivion.

Now McCain wants to resurrect the neocon cadaver.

The GOP establishment did everything it could to give Congressman Ron Paul the back of its institutional hand in the primaries. Now it is paying the price.

So what do they do? They spread the word that “pro-lifers (like me) MUST vote for McCain because, you see, we have to FEAR OBAMA!!!”

They foul the water supply, and now tell us we have to drink from it. Obama will be a disaster, to be sure: but watch the neocons blame conservatives, pro-lifers — anybody but themselves when he does.

7:02 am on July 25, 2008