Maybe We’ll Reduce the NYPD to Firing Spitballs!

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As a reluctant and endangered resident of New York City, I deeply appreciate those heroes who stand up for my right to defend myself. A number of them work at companies that manufacture or sell guns, and they are boycotting the NYPD! Yes! They have “pledge[d] not to sell anything to a State or local government agency that can’t be sold to a resident of that state or locality.” Yeehaw! So far, a whopping 95 righteous retailers are onboard!

Unfortunately, the three corporations that supply almost all the NYPD’s firepower have refused to join their competitors in upholding the Second Amendment: Glock, SIG Sauer, and Smith and Wesson. Bill Martin sent me a link to a page that offers info on contacting these traitors; I’d take it as a personal favor as well if you refuse to buy their products until they stop providing the NYPD with the means to maim or murder me, my husband, our friends and neighbors.

By the way, though the blogger tracking this ban calls it the “New York Boycott,” he reminds us that “it applies to all states that have anti-gun laws.”

9:40 am on February 27, 2013