Maybe the Toupee’s Too Tight?

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Rep[robate] John Mica (R-Fl) has treated the TSA to yet another of his verbal lashings: the agency and its security sham are “idiotic,” “a mess,” and “off the charts” when it comes to rates of failure.

John seems to have forgotten we’ve heard it all before, on many, many occasions. Indeed, it’s way past time this chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee moved from words to deeds: Let him wield the power of his office to abolish the TSA.

But that would diminish Our Rulers’ power over the serfs, not something King John even remotely approves. So he will continue throwing tantrums, grabbing headlines for himself but otherwise accomplishing not a doggone thing.

Every grandmother who’s groped, every survivor of cancer who’s humiliated, every employee who loses his job when he refuses to fly: Blame not only the TSA but its godfather, enabler, and King of the Hypocrites, John Mica.

9:32 am on October 25, 2011