Maybe NOW They’ll Impeach Them

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Addington says he doesn’t know what “unitary government” is, but he exemplified it yesterday, when he did everything but moon the Congressional Committee before which he was forced by subpoena to testify — or, I should say, appear, since he actually said very little.

Addington had only one message to Congress from the Cheney-Whatisname White House: Up Yours. After this performance, obviously authorized and gloated over by the other two members of the current Troika, the only Constitutional recourse — which is now patently evident, supremely reasonable, and profoundly imperative — is impeachment — before they commence a World War that will permanently destroy the Country which has firmly rejected them, and whose Constitution they obviously hate with a diabolical malice.

Remember: Cheney first — and quickly.

7:01 am on June 27, 2008