Matthew Yglesias Offers Up Another Ignorance Bomb

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I can’t think of a more unconvincing opportunist, on the entire Internet, than the unreadable, lifeless, progressive-socialist butt-kisser Matthew Yglesias. I’ve never witnessed any so-called writer who can manage to blab on so incessantly and attain so little outside of pleading for the “public good” while predictably invoking recycled left-wing buzzwords and been-there-done-that reformist tripe.

Following my post on the rampant fraud of the Detroit Public School system, a reader sent me this post by Matthew Yglesias. He advocates the idea that people who refuse to send their kids to public school dumps, and send them to a private school instead, contribute to the neglect of public schools because their “resources” (wealth) are drawn out of the public school system, thereby not allowing the freebie-seeking parasites to suck the blood of their productivity. That is, in spite of those people still paying taxes toward the public schools, in addtion to private school tuition. Here is his dilapidated post in full:

It’s true, of course, that someplace like the schools I was sent to aren’t for-profit businesses. But they’re certainly not charities. And as best one can tell, their main impact on the common weal is negative, drawing parents with resources and social capital out of the public school system and contributing to its neglect.

You’d have to believe that New York City’s public schools would be both better funded and free of this kind of nonsense if a larger portion of the city’s elite were sending their kids to them. Arguably private school tuition ought to actually be taxed, but at a minimum for your donations to a school to count as charitable they school ought to be made to demonstrate that it’s providing a service to people in need (as many Catholic schools are) and not just to the small number of families who can afford the tuition. Gossip Girl is fun, but not in need of large implicit tax subsidies.

Yglesias’s hero, Barack Hussein Obama, is paying $29,00 per year, per child, to put his children into the care of the proper royalty while neglecting the Washington D.C. public schools. But then again, maybe Yglesias is too ignorant to mention that not all people who send their kids to private schools – to avoid the nightmare of the public crapholes – are New York City elite socialites.

2:02 pm on August 30, 2009