Mark WHO?

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Lew, as you know, I’ve worked in the conservative movement for fifty years, and I’ve never heard of Mark Levin — unless he’s the same lawyer whom Rush Limbaugh once referred to as an “expert,” who gave Limbaugh disastrously wrong advice about Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

I have reviewed the links regarding Levin’s remarks regarding our friend Tom Woods. Levin might be ignorant of history, but his pompous vulgarity has historical precedent — and his historical confreres happen to be those with whom he attempts to slime Rep. Paul: Karl Marx and his fellow Left-Hegelians — especially Bruno Bauer. These decrepit intellectuals stooped to cesspool language in their ideological battles with one another. Their hatred of those who disagreed with them on the “left” makes their criticism of capitalism, Christianity, and the rest look quite tame by comparison.

As to history, two thoughts: First, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, the “Federal Farmer,” predicted that Article 6’s making treaties the supreme law of the land would eviscerate our liberties. Note that both Bush and Obama went to the UN, and not to Congress, for permission to conduct their respective wars. The UN is, of course, a perverse “Frankenstein’s monster” created by just such a treaty.

Second, in his introduction to the 1988 re-issue of Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative (first published by my father in 1960), Pat Buchanan writes that, in the early days of the movement, there were no conservative opportunists — because there were no opportunities for conservatives! That all changed after Reagan, of course. Opportunists, many of them as vapid as Mr. Levin presents himself to be, abound — their number is legion, and many of them have talk shows.

Howard Baker, the gentleman-leader of the Senate in the 1980s, had a way with words. Of people like Levin, he would smile and say, “deep down, he’s shalla.”

1:21 pm on March 29, 2011