Marines Don’t Read

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The picture of the military that most Americans have is skewed. Thank God there are many veterans who read LRC and want the truth to be told. [Warning: what follows contains typical military language; that is, profanity]

The reader in response to your article is correct. Going through all of my Marine Corps training, I was ridiculed by fellow marines and command for reading. This occurred in both San Diego and Pensacola. In fact, my Sergeant once yelled at me, and I quote, “Why the fuck are you reading? Marines don’t read.” Unless of course it is a Marine Corp commandant issued book, that is, State approved literature which glamorize and praise the military and State. One glimmer of hope occurred when I was assigned head of the Marine aviation students in waiting to be actually placed in class. They usually sit around and do nothing but I engaged them in dialogue around the book War and Anti War by Toffler.

1:08 pm on March 5, 2014