“Mandatory Vaccinations Are Constitutional/Legal”

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“This is a law that goes back 100 years, maybe more.” What “law” he refers to, well, we don’t know because he doesn’t know.

Listen to this conversation between some ignoramus from the Arkansas State Health Department who pretends he knows what he’s talking about, and a gentleman who inquired about an Arkansas plan for mandatory vaccinations. Indeed, the caller was weak on his points, and could have/should dunked the state worker many times over, but he seemed not to have proper points in order.

I’m surprised this issue is gathering very little resistance from libertarians on the web. I hear little chatter on such a vital subject. The health complications from this vaccination, for people who suffer from cancer, autoimmune disorders, other diseases, etc., could be significant. Meanwhile, Time magazine is preparing people to trust their government.

12:17 pm on June 29, 2009