Mama Bloomberg Rubs Salt in My Wounds

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It’s not enough that New York City’s resident Yenta-in-Chief* banned all smoking in privately-owned buildings, then banished trans fat from my food in privately-owned restaurants; but now my surrogate Jewish mother has decided that the “high” salt content in my food is not good for me either—so he’s about to start one of his Soviet-style campaigns to lower the salt content in food served in privately-owned restaurants.

“Mayor Bloomberg is marshaling forces for his next public-health crusade: less salt. Late last month, he quietly gathered health experts and food-industry reps at Gracie Mansion to lay out his plan to cut sodium levels in processed foods by 20 percent over the next five years. At the meeting, city health czar Thomas Frieden called high blood pressure, which is linked to excessive sodium intake, “the greatest public-health threat facing the city” and pressured the industry groups to sign on by the end of November, according to a memo written by one attendee, Scott Vinson of the National Council of Chain Restaurants, and obtained by New York. There won’t be any new regulation [Hah!], the memo says, but restaurateurs will be encouraged to join a “voluntary” initiative.”

MEMO TO MIKE BLOOMBERG: My Jewish mother died 24 years ago. You want to be my mother? Then drop dead.
*Yenta is the Yiddish word for a busybody.

8:24 am on January 11, 2010