“Make Those in Power Experience Your Pain”

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Josh Crosby thinks I’m “on to something” with my suggestion about expanding the TSA to the Capitol, White House, bureaucracies, etc. Said expansion would “expose” the agency’s “true identity,” he writes. “Currently they only terrorize a small number of people.  Much like it took a draft in the ‘70’s to form any kind of resistance movement (albeit small), maybe things need to get worse before [they] can get better.  Kind of like one of the earliest lessons I learned as a cubicle dweller.  If you want a faster computer, ask the boss to come help you with something that will bog it down.  Make those in power experience your pain.”

See why I love this job? All these great minds out there, two just today, writing and sharing their brilliance with me. And some folks think liberty’s doomed. Not while all you geniuses out there are on our side!

11:46 am on March 12, 2013