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I’ve said previously that Voice of the Martyrs is one of my favorite organizations. They run a website, Prisoner Alert, that helps you write to imprisoned Christians worldwide in their own languages. When freed, those folks often testify that the mountains of mail they received improved jailers’ treatment of them. That’s true even when their persecutors only mention the letters but deny them the opportunity to read them. For the thugs torturing them to know that the world is watching apparently tempers their bestiality.

Might I suggest we write to Bradley Manning? He is a political and persecuted prisoner just as our brothers and sisters overseas are. Indeed, most of the USSA’s inmates fall into that category since they have committed no crime: the only thing of which they’re guilty is angering a politician or bureaucrat because they persist in buying or selling plants Our Rulers dislike, or they consider their money their own rather than the IRS’s, or they’ve defied the totalitarian State in some other way.

I don’t know whether the tyrants running this country have taken a page from North Korea and Saudi Arabia to deny Manning his mail, but no matter: writing him reminds the brutes that we are out here and we’re watching. So if anyone has Mr. Manning’s snail-mail address in prison, send it to me, and I’ll post it.

Meanwhile, if you know victims of the USSA’s prison-industrialist regime, please write them. I’ve corresponded with several such gentlemen, and they are amazingly grateful for such a tiny favor. The days are coming when we may well be in their place, craving word from the outside.

Update: Jerri Ward sent this link to information on writing to Bradley Manning. Thanks, Jerri!

1:51 pm on August 9, 2013