Maher on Ron Paul

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On Bill Maher’s Real Time “Overtime” podcast of 9/13/08 (from 2:09 to 3:09), Maher and guests (Janeane Garofalo, John Fund, Roseanne Barr), discuss Ron Paul — Bill wonders whether Paul will “stick to his anachro-capitalist principles and refuse federal aid” for Hurricane Ike. John Fund starts off snide, but then Garofolo defends Paul and Maher says, “Ron Paul walks the walk”, and then Fund crawfishes and starts defending Paul, noting that his consistency is one reason for his appeal.

Update: Marcus Jump writes to say: “i tried your link, but was told that the files are only available for download within the US (funny – i always thought California was in the United States). Anyways, a quick google search led me to this page, where the 9/13/08 podcast of Maher’s OVERTIME can be downloaded…”

10:31 pm on September 19, 2008