Magazines are going down too

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Daily newspapers are disappearing across the country before our eyes. And magazines are soon to follow. Certain niche publications are doing fine, but newsweeklies are most useless of all. Who reads these things anymore? When was the last time you read an issue of Newsweek outside of your dentist’s waiting room? Probably about 10 years ago.

The advertisers have figured this out. Ads are down 21 percent overall, but the news mags are in even worse shape:

Newsweeklies are decimated. Time is down 47.7 percent through its Feb. 16 issue and Newsweek is down 37.6 percent through the same period. Not surprisingly business/finance titles are bleeding: BusinessWeek is off 34.8 percent; Forbes is down 33.1 percent and Fortune is 24.9 percent below last year.

(via Drudge)

7:04 pm on February 17, 2009