Madonna’s “Revolution”

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Here is an extremely candid interview with Madonna discussing her rudimentary notions of freedom, non-conformity or individuality, artistic creativity and expression, and outrage towards human suffering, oppression and repression. She describes how she is putting her legendary career as a pop icon in a secondary position to totally focus upon her efforts to launch a “revolution” to put her ideas before the world. She explicitly uses a variation of the Ron Paul Revolution logo for her “Revolution.”

Madonna describes how after her last world tour she reached an epiphany moment and underwent a dramatic personal transformation. She wants to help people around the world discover and act upon that similar visceral longing or deep desire for freedom within themselves. To some it will take amassing extraordinary courage to fight the brutal tyranny they face every day; to others overcoming the deadening complacency and conformity which has given them empty lives of desperation and lack of empathy.

Some people will be unduly hasty and judgmental of all this and find it very easy to dismiss her, especially after hearing some of her rather naïve remarks about the Obama regime and war-mongering. But I believe she should be openly welcomed as a sincere but highly insulated potential compatriot that is still in an embryonic stage in her quest. We all have much to learn in life and Madonna may prove, like Ron Paul, an instrument of courage, conviction, and integrity guiding millions towards fulfillment of the “revolution” within ourselves and the world around us.

2:56 pm on September 29, 2013