Mad Maddow Disease

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Lew: Does this twit just not understand the nature of political party conventions, or is she upset that politics does not respect the will of the people? If it is the latter, perhaps she should undertake inquiries into how special interests (i.e., the corporate-state establishment) manipulate the media and the political machinery to compel people to support programs that serve only the institutional order. Perhaps she could do what real journalists do and go back to square one and show how Ron Paul’s candidacy was ignored, distorted, and ridiculed by members of the lockstep media who, like herself, knew that to behave otherwise would have cost them their plush jobs!

If she would like to experience the kind of journalism that is not beholden to the corporate-state interests that own the major media, she might want to watch a few hours of such news channels as Al Jazeera or Russia Today. But, in the interests of job security, she’d better not let anyone at MSNBC know that she has done so!

9:00 am on May 2, 2012