Lying Lowry

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An emailer informs me that in a recent National Review hatchet job article on Lincoln critics the tabloid’s editor, one Rich Lowry, cites an anonymous “friend” who refers to those of us who write for as “people-owning libertarians,” implying that we are somehow slavery defenders!  Lowry apparently skipped over the page of my book, The Real Lincoln, where I wrote that “the one unequivocal good that came of Lincoln’s war was the ending of slavery.”  He must also have not read the foreword to The Real Lincoln by the distinguished African-American scholar Walter E. Williams, who quotes that very line.  He’s lying.   And by calling us “Neo-Confederates” he apparently believes that his readers are so stupid as to buy into his insinuation that criticizing Lincoln makes one a defender of the Confederacy.  If that were true, then criticism of FDR would make one a defender of Hitler.  Criticism of Lyndon Johnson would make one a defender of the North Vietnamese communists, etc.

To my knowledge, none of my critics over the past eleven years since the book was first published has ever mentioned that Walter wrote the foreword in which he cites, among other things, the limited-government/decentralist philosophy of John C. Calhoun, which Lowry also distorts beyond recognition.  I wonder why.

7:29 am on June 22, 2013