Lying, Libelous ‘Journalists’

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An emailer brings to my attention the kind of lying, libelous smear against Ron Paul we can expect to see more of now that Ron is on the top of the opinion polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. The emailer sent a link to a California “Examiner” newspaper (which I will not link to here) and a story about some nut job who went on Facebook and advocated the assassination of the president. He is probably in prison courtesy of the Secret Service by now. Without any explanation, the “Examiner” described the nut job as “a Ron Paul libertarian.”

Of course, the first principle of libertarianism is the “non-aggression axiom,” which holds that it is immoral and illegitimate to initiate aggressive force against anyone. Only self defense is legitimate. Murder does not fall into the category of the use of defensive force.

7:26 am on December 20, 2011