Lukewarm “Libertarians”

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Bryan Caplan’s “libertarian purity” test was posted here last week, and since then, it has been passed around everywhere. I got a 154, I think Lew said he got a 151, and Jesse Odgen said he got 154. The test is far too simplistic, however, what’s with “libertarians” all ’round the Net announcing that they scored in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, etc.? Caplan did call it a libertarian purity test, which isn’t a bad idea (though it’s more of an anarchist purity test), but scores under 100 (or even 120) coming from so-called libertarians? Uhhh, nah. I call that Beltway “Libertarianism.”

4:42 am on March 11, 2004