LRC Site Improvements

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We released a big round of bug fixes, updates, changes, and corrections over the last 2 days. Highlights include:

  • Consolidating author archives – especially for Thomas Woods, Thomas DiLorenzo, Murray Rothbard, and Lew Rockwell. The various iterations of first names and use or lack thereof of middle initials meant that some of their articles were missing from their archives. They are fully recovered.
  • Removed lingering Google Ad Codes from the top of archived articles
  • Fixed formatting around line breaks, fixing the formatting of articles in archives, especially Murray Rothbard’s. Please email me a link if you find one with odd or broken formatting
  • Blog archives by author are now available by clicking an author’s name from the main blog roll or their individual blog post
  • Added the time stamp before the date on blog posts

On the To Do List:

  • RSS feed rewrites – this will fix Apple’s iTunes podcast page outage. Note that Apple’s site is not working – you can’t update a podcast link.  (the link to the left is broken, no reply from Apple)
  • Fix printing issues in Internet Explorer – this is a known IE bug – we’re investigating a fix
  • Remove duplicate footers from older articles in the archives
  • Restore Lew’s comment about each article in the archive
  • Add space in the blog between the blogger’s name and timestamp and the start of the blog text
  • Add the blogger’s email contact info at the end of the blog

I’m also writing up why LRC made the switch to WordPress at all. Look for the inside story soon.


12:45 pm on July 25, 2013