LRC on Wikipedia

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I just happened to glance at the entry for Lew Rockwell on Wikipedia. I was amazed at how many LRC writers have an entry on Wikipedia. Some of the entries are fairly informative: Gary North, Thomas Woods, Walter Block, Ron Paul and Hans Hoppe. Some are “stubs” and need more info: Thomas DiLorenzo, Gene Callahan, Ralph Raico, Hans Sennholz and Bill Bonnor.

In general I thought the Wikipedia entries do a fairly good job of accomplishing their aim, which is to tell you the stuff you want to know, including controversies, without being one sided. The only exception is the entry on Paul Gottfried. Out of three paragraphs on him, one is devoted to his clashes with the neocons and one is devoted specifically to his clash with Jonah Goldberg. Reading this entry you would never guess what a brilliant and wide-ranging scholar Gottfried is.

Also, in the section of Lew Rockwell’s entry that discusses LRC many folks are listed as “Notable contributors” when Lew has merely linked to their articles. I suspect that Michael Moore, Richard Cohen and Thomas Sowell would be quite shocked to find out that they were “notable contributors” to LRC. If they even know what it is.

11:51 am on December 14, 2005