LRC New Site Update

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Thanks for your patience as we continue to take the rough edges off the new site. A more detailed tutorial is in the making as we collect the more common usability questions, but here are a few things that have come up over the last two days:

Podcasts – All podcasts are available by clicking the Podcasts title over the listing of the 5 most recent.

Mobile Use – The LRC app is discontinued, as the site is now optimized for tablets and mobile browsers. The responsive design of the new site displays on all these devices without a 3rd party app, and without a lot of resizing. Read the daily, then hit “Show Menu” on your mobile to access the dropdown including the link to the blog. Presto – LRC on the go.

Feedback – Is greatly appreciated, welcomed and encouraged. Re-reading my last groggy post on this subject may have made it seem otherwise. To clarify, it’s a defense mechanism from 300 simultaneous emails declaring the blog to be down, or an error on the main page. I try to respond personally to every email I’m sent, and the time cannot be spent working with the team to fix the very pressing issues about which the email was written! Please do send reports about broken links, missing content, or strange error messages. Know that the site is remotely monitored 24×7 and the team gets an email and SMS when it is down. We’ve also setup a special inbox for bugs, as we expect to have more than usual over the next few days. Email them to me, and please include “LRC Bug” in the subject line.

1:39 pm on July 7, 2013