LRC Health Success

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Writes Jim Crofts:

I’ve been reading your site for a few years and for somewhat longer. Articles I’ve read have converted me on many issues. Due to the writings of Dr. Miller and Mr. Sardi, I began investigating possible naturopathic remedies to a persistent health issue I’d been experiencing that seriously interfered with my life—specifically, my ability to engage in strenuous activities appropriate for a twenty-something such as myself.

Short story, it ended up being a magnesium deficiency corrected by taking inexpensive probiotics, i.e., good GI bacteria.

My experience at a naturopathic teaching hospital near my home was a revelation—they do not accept most insurance, but the cash price is reasonable, and far and away a better deal than the mainstream gastroenterologists who don’t have a clue. The doctor and his students also spent far more time with me than any comparable mainstream doctor would have.

Although at the moment I can’t afford a monetary donation to LRC, I hope one day to “pay it forward” comparably to the benefit I’ve received.

8:24 am on May 17, 2010