LRC Beta is Up – and I Need Your Help

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At long last, the beta version of the new site is up. Please take 4 minutes to view this quick video explaining the navigation and features. It’s reasonably self-explanatory, but there are some neat new ways to navigate and search the site.

Please note:

    Not All Articles are in the Beta Site
    Blog Posts are Really Old
    There are No Podcasts
    The Store Does Not Work

So how can you help? 3 ways: First, by visiting the site, you give me data about site performance so I can tune the website and make the pages load quickly. Second, if something is obviously wrong or not working (other than the bullet list above) your beta test feedback will help us fix everything before the current HTML site goes into archive mode. Third, get used to the site. I remember WAAAAAY back in 2001 when Lew did a redesign from a sort of tan and red version of the site to the current version. I hated it. Passionately. Then I got used to the current version, and now I love it as do many of you based on the feedback we got during our Design phase. We’ve tried to stay true to that design – colors and (where appropriate) fonts, while making the site more readable and easier to navigate.

Finally, I have a long list of cool features to start working on once we move the site to WordPress (the platform running the beta). Ideas include comments, article rating, search by categories, tagging and tag cloud, combined blog and articles by author and much more. Of course, we’ll need your help ranking them, but that’s a task for another day. For now, head over to and send your feedback to

8:12 pm on March 27, 2013