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Well that was fast. The very first attempt to get a libertarian article on the Digg front page succeeded. George Reisman’s article The Trouble with the New York Times hit the front page sometime last night. (Note: Both of these links go to the currently in beta “Politics” section which requires a login. The new topics will be available without a login soon.) BTW, don’t miss the comments on the story. Not the most comments I’ve ever seen on Digg but quite possibly the lengthiest.

I’ve had quite a few LRC readers e-mail me with their Digg Member Names but we could always use more. Here is how to participate. E-mail me with your Member Name, I’ll add it to my Friends list. You can add the folks on that list to your own list of Friends. Or you can just keep an eye on my “Agreed On” page. This will show any stories that 2 or more libertarians have dugg. Our very own libertarian view of Digg! If you think any stories there are worthy of wider attention then digg them and help them get to the front page.

10:05 am on June 27, 2006