LRC and the Great Awakening

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Writes Keith McAlister:

As yesterday I saw the video you linked to Freedom Watch, I arose early this morning to see the following AP story where in Iraq the Sunni Party is boycotting the national elections.

Lew, I would propose that the Sunni party may indeed have it right and that the Tea Parties, instead of looking to form into an official political 3rd party or being some mechanism to overthrow the current republican party, become an advocate and strong voice in boycotting the national elections.  Not only would this go towards de-legitimizing the so-called democratic process of the 2 party system but it would have an equal hand in de-legitimizing the State and in advancing real reductions in State power if only in killing the illusion of being the “will of the people.”

It’s often debated as to who the greatest President of the United States is/was and I often had a hard time picking this but I’m coming to see George W. Bush as being the greatest President because without him and what he did in office, it’s possible a great awakening that has/is occurring would have never taken place and a growing mass would still be fast asleep.

Case in point?  Look at where LRC, Mises,, names like Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Tom DiLorenzo, Butler Shaffer, David Kramer, Jeffery Tucker, Justin Raimondo, Scott Horton & AntiWar radio, Bob Higgs, Anthony Gregory, of course Ron Paul, and the scores of other folks not mentioned were in the fall of 2000 and where they are now.  Where was the idea of ending the Federal Reserve at then and now?  Who was there all along calling it for what it would become, even in the face of intense ridicule often from those who claimed to be allies of freedom and liberty—yet you guys nailed it, and like the idiot Glenn Beck et al, they now try and ride the coat tails to make themselves much more than they really are.  At best, these losers are pretending to be a mental Hulk Hogan and the best opponent they can defeat (they think they did) is a mental midget we now call President of the United States!  Like wrestling, good thing the story line is scripted otherwise Beck would get a good ole arse whoppin’ at the hand of that midget!  That sez a lot more about Beck than the midget.  LOL!

George Bush, Dick Cheney and the RUBE-A-CONS have done more to advance the thought of libertarian/anarchist thinking and, just to piss off the regime, I say we make them our “Men of the Decade” just to rub their noses in it all!

We are winning, and they know, so let’s openly admit it too!

Bush also set the table for the economic implosion (with much help from former imperialist leaders too) that is taking place not only in Amerika but elsewhere around the 1st and even 2nd world countries. 3rd worlders might come out of this a lot better off than ourselves because they’ve not been destroyed by State capitalism, e.g., mercantilism (as opposed to true free market/laissez faire). 3rd worlders have been physical captives but, unlike ourselves, they’ve not been mental captives (no thought conditioned loyalties) and those hegemonic armies that have dominated them will at some point not be able to make payroll and, thus, they will just leave returning those ‘Navi’ to pursue the lives they choose and once lived. A return to a quite peaceful, natural, and simple free market just might abound across the 3rd world, and who then might emerge as an economic example?  Would that not be wonderful to watch?

You guys at LRC and the like are at the forefront of the great awakening and I think it fair to say that without Ron Paul, LRC, et al. there may in fact be no tea party as such today.  Maybe not even at all, but thanks for all you guys do and more!

7:29 pm on February 20, 2010