LP Convention Thoughts

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I attended the LP convention (even gave a talk) and while not a delegate, nor much of a Party person, here are my observations.

1) Right before the convention, my father (lifelong Republican) bent my ear on taxation, spending, American socialism and war. All critical of the Bush Republican agenda and performance, and against Kerry as well.

2) Afterwards, my dad had watched the debates and said the LP had no chance — they turned him off even though he agrees with the basic premises of constitutional government, republicanism, entangling alliances, and fiscal restraint.

3) Badnarik communicates the LP position on these areas as well as or better than any candidate.

4) All three of my teenagers attended. All chose Badnarik as their favorite because they liked his death row voting analogy. Me, too.

We are going to capture people’s imagination not because we are radical in speech or style. We are going to win because we are radically right, and because over 50% of Americans at heart, already agree with our positions. Gentleness can also be revolutionary!

10:22 am on May 31, 2004