Loyola thought police

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Dr. Block,

I have been following your travails with the Loyola thought police as
they have been presented at LewRockwell.com. I commend your courage and determination while at the same time picturing Don Quixote, lance in hand, charging toward a windmill. I hope your outcome is better than his, though my faith in human nature makes me doubt that will be the case.

Nevertheless, whatever the result, you have performed at least one
valuable service, if only tangentially. The systematic teaching
approach you describe in section V. of your latest post, J’Accuse, was a revelation to me. What a marvelous technique for exploring all facets of an issue! It insures that, agree or not, one will at least
understand the various positions precluding ignorance on the part of the investigator.

I have not had the benefit of a university education. After a couple of years in community college I was compelled by circumstances to enter the work force full time. For all I know your method is standard fare at the undergraduate and graduate level–though I doubt it, else we’d not be witnessing your current situation. It is however totally new and wonderful to me. I will be using it going forward in my own never ending quest for such knowledge as I am able to acquire and retain.

Thank you.

God bless, Godspeed and mind those blades.

The Block saga is #1 on my list of mandatory soap operas to keep up
with. I’m loving every word of it and am looking forward to Loyola
brooms emerging to start furiously sweeping, looking for any and every
available rug with which to cover their dust bunnies of PC emotion and

Thank you for providing the forum for this (along with Bill Anderson’s
Duke journalism), as well as the normal, everyday libertarian content.

As always, keep up the good fight.


Pete C.

8:06 pm on January 13, 2009