Los Corruptos Siguen Con Su Pinche Apagón

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Yes, the blackout continues, and the corruptos still fear the truth and the truthteller. I listen to Voice of America podcasts when I’m on the road, and this morning heard their “news” report that was broadcast throughout the hemisphere on the day following last week’s debate.

After breathlessly describing the battle of the illegals between Romney and Perry, and nodding in Herman Cain’s direction, the commentator listed carefully the other participants and their current or former positions. But, ¡ay, caramba! — they forgot Ron Paul!

Funny, isn’t it, how our “professional” propaganda agencies denounce Castro and Chavez — or for that matter Bashir Assad and Ahmadinejad — as they blithely stroll over to the federal Memory Hole to suit their own totalitarian masters?

Next week’s program: “Ignorance is Strength!” ¡Adiós, libertad!

9:01 am on October 24, 2011