Look Out for the Stampede!

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So I keep trying to imagine the conversations between screeners and supervisors when the latter unveiled the “protocol” for “enhanced pat-downs” at airports. They musta been doozies. I mean, how often does a boss tell his employees to sexually assault anyone, let alone everyone who walks through the door?

Which has me kinda marveling that our noble public servants are all still employed. In fact, I haven’t heard of a single screener throwing down the ol’ blue gloves in disgust and hollering, “Say what? You want me to put my hands where? Little kids, even? You are one sick puppy, man, but I’m outa here, my momma raised me better’n that.”

You might hope a handful nationwide would have quit. OK, just a couple? Hmmm. What about one? Surely there has to be at least one screener somewhere with a teeny, tiny shred of decency left. Doesn’t there?

9:00 pm on November 18, 2010