Long Lines Are ‘Selfish’ Passengers’ Fault, Not the TSA’s

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It’s pretty bad when even Leviathan’s stooges in the corporate media admit that the TSA is “inconsistent” (read “arbitrary,” a synonym for “tyrannical”). But here’s this from the Los Angeles Times: “Flying isn’t like riding a bike; what was true last year may not be true this year. Last year, for instance, your 10-year-old had to remove his shoes at airport security. This year, he doesn’t. …Reread the Transportation Security Administration’s website (www.tsa.gov) and know that the rules sometimes are inconsistently applied.”

The Times also buys the TSA’s cant that it is passengers’ fault, not Our Rulers’, when the lines at the checkpoint are longer than Mitt Romney’s face as Dr. Paul trounces him. And you’re “selfish” if you haven’t memorized the TSA’s ludicrous rules and minutely complied with them — even if they’re “inconsistently applied.”

8:38 am on December 20, 2011