Lockdowns: Not Just for Boston Anymore

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When a “connecting Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport passenger” lost his way “on the secured side of” the terminal, he “went through an exit lane and turned back into the secured area without going through security.” Uh-oh. Major menace in the United Stasi States of America. I’m not sure exactly what law Mr. Connecting Passenger broke – Walking the Wrong Way in Aviation’s Gulag? Failure to Follow the Lines of Sheeple? – but he proceeded to make things worse: he ignored a thug from the TSA hollering at him, “Achtung, Prisoner #298-03-7821! Halt!” Or words to that effect.

Fortunately for us all, “’Airport officials have the passenger in custody and are questioning them,’ spokesman Brian Lassaline…” Yes, Brian takes a cavalier approach to such concepts as singular and plural. But hey, the day we get logic from Our Rulers’ spokesliars is the day ice forms You-Know-Where.

Meanwhile, Mr. Connecting Passenger’s wanderlust allowed the TSA to indulge in its favorite pastime after groping us: hyperventilating hysterics. First, it accused our hero of “forc[ing] his way back into the terminal.“ Then, “out of an abundance of caution [sic for ‘cowardice and sheer stupidity’], Wayne County Airport Police is sweeping the terminal prior to the airport returning to normal operations.” Thank God: imagine the mayhem had Mr. CP simply proceeded on his way and made his flight.

Alas, the story thus far doesn’t differ from the myriad of others in which the TSA manufactures terrorists from taxpayers who harbor no criminal intent whatever. But then the TSA and “law enforcement” added a new twist: they – or, in Brian’s parlance, it –didn’t merely close a checkpoint, they/it locked down the terminal.

Talk about indefinite detention! Though one source reports that “passengers were free to exit the terminal,” the TSA’s victims disagree. “’They quarantined everyone off in Concourse A,’ said Steve Gates, a passenger waiting to go to his flight but was stuck near security. … People at the scene say there were tarps over the windows outside of the terminal and thousands of passengers were stranded. ‘I’m waiting on my girlfriend, she’s a stewardess from Delta and they still won’t let them out.  We’ve been here for over an hour,” said Craig Johnson… “It was a screen [picture here]  that came down and there were a lot of people waiting for about 90 minutes.  Worse can happen.  I’d rather be safe,” said Pete Serbedzija who was stuck in the concourse.” Hey, Pete, congrats: you wins this week’s Sheeple Award! I daresay Pete won’t be filing suit against the airport for wrongful imprisonment — which, by the way, an attorney  informs me would never succeed since courts side with the enforcers in any case even remotely connected with “national security.” But we knew that.

Some say “indefinite detention” on no particularized suspicion of criminality defines fascism. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute tyranny, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…”

10:00 am on May 31, 2014