Little Frummer Boy Wants The Lifeboat All To Himself

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We’ve known for years that the neocon rats would flee the sinking Republican ship (that they themselves had scuttled, of course), but now they want to hijack the lifeboats too.

The left-wing media want the left-wing “Republicans” to “rebuild” the GOP after they have destroyed it. This is logical only in the Trostskyite tradition of contradiction, of course, but hey — well, they’re Trotskyites!

So the WashPost appoints the Frummer Boy as its designated rehab architect. Naturally, he dumps on the neocons’ candidate because — he’s losing! “Loyalty”? “Principle”? How do you spell it? The neocons are all about power — and surviving the coming purge.

9:04 am on October 27, 2008